Ayur Herbs

Ati Bala


 Botanical Name— Abution indicum (Linn.) Sw. (A. asiticum )


 Names in different languages

Hindi-Kangi, Telugu- Tutturu Benda,
Duvvenakaya; English-Country Mallow; Tamil- Perum tutti

Synonyms—syaprokta, Kañkatikã, Balikã, Rsyagandha, Bhuribalã

Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

 Caraka          Madhüra skandha, Balya
Susruta —
Introduction— it is also used as the adulterant of bala.
Controversial Studies— Another species A. theophrastii Mdic. (A. avicennae Gaertn). is also used by some as Ati-balã because of their similarity in appearance.

 Varieties & adulterants 

1 Balätraya

2. BaIã catuska

3. A. theophrasti Mdic.

4.A. avicennae Gaertn.


It is a perennial softly tomentose shrub, upto 3 m. high.

Stem—round, frequently tinged with purple.

Levaes—ovate to orbicular-cordate, 1.9-2.5 cm. long.

Flowers— Solitary on jointed peduncles, orange-yellow or yellow.

Seeds3-5, reniform, tubercled or minutely stellate-hairy, black or dark brown. (Flowers and fruits almost throughout the year)

 Distribution & Habitat :Found as a weed in the sub-Himalayan tract and hills upto 1,300 m. and in hotter parts of India & srilanka.

 chemical constituents_, n- alkaline mixtures,alkanols, fatty acid, mucin, potassium nitrate and resin. beta-sitosterol, vanillic, p-coumaric, amino acids; alantolactone, isoalantolactone ,


Rasa      Madhura

Guna     Laghu, Snigdha

Virya    Sita

Vipäka  Madhura

 Karma Vãta-Pitta hara, Balya, Bramhana, Vrsya

 External use: Paste is analgesic and alleviates oedema. It is locally applied over inflammation and eye disorders.

 Internal use

Central nervous-system : Being neural tonic and vata-shamak, it is useful in vata disorders like paralysis, facial palsy

Digestive system : Emollient, astringent..

Circulatory system : Cardiac tonic and alleviates
haemorrhagic disorders & bronchiectsis. 

Reproductive system Aphrodisiac and useful in spermatorrhoea

Urinary system : Diuretic, so useful in dysuria.
Temperature Useful in fever being a febrifuge

Satmikaran :. tuberculosis and undernourishment.

Formulations Batadi kwath. Baladya ghrita. Baladyarishta, Chandanabalalakshadi taila.

Dosha Alleviates vata, pitla
Dhatu Rakta. mansa, shukra. oja (enhancer).
Mala : Purisha (astringent)

 Indications— Vãta vyãdhi, Prameha, Raktapitta, Kasa

 Part Used—Root

Dosage— Decoction 50-100 ml, powder

 Therapeutic Uses—

 (1) Slipada— Balã and Atibalã are taken with milk early in the morning.
(2) Mitrakrcchra_ Decoction of Atibalã will be useful (C.D. & B. P.)

(3) Rakta Pradara— Root powder of Atibala is given with sugar & honey (B. P.)


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