Ayur Herbs



(a) BALA

Botanical Name— Sida cordifolia Linn.


  Names in different languages

Hindi- Khirainti, Bariyara; Telugu-Chittamutti, Mattavapulagam; English- Country Mollow; Malayalam-Vellurum; Tamil- Paniyar Tuttul Jannada-Hettuti

Synonyms— Vatyã, Vatyalika, Vatyapuspi, Vãtyai, hadroudani.

 Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

Caraka Balã, Brmhaniya, Prajãsthapana, Madhuraskandha

 Susruta Vãtasamgamana

Vagbhata –


     The root of the herb is known as a good tonic and immune modulator , mainly using for vãta rogas

 Varieties & adulterants 

1.S.acuta Burm

2. S.rombifolia


Bhãvamisra mentioned four varieties


(i) Balã


(ii) Atibalã
(iii) Nãgabala
(iv) Mahã balã


S. cordifolia




S. veronicaefolia


S. rhombifolia



 A small downy erect herb or shrub, 1.2 m. in height, with long branches, sometimes rooting at nodes.

 Leaves- cordate, oblong, ovate or ovate oblong, very downy on both surfaces; petiole as long as the blade.

Flowers small, tawny yellow or white, carpels 10. Fruits- with a pair of awns on each carpel. (Flowers and grows wild along the roadsides, throughout sub-tropical and tropical India, ascending up to 1,200 m. )

 Chemical composition : Major components of seeds are alkaloids. Alkaloid contains mainly ephedrine. It also contains fatty acid, mucin, potassium nitrate and resin, hypaphorine, vasicinone, vascicine, vasicinol, choline, betaine, phytosterol etc.

 Part Used—

Dosage— Decoction  50-100 ml, powder 4-6 g.


   Rasa            Madhura

  Virya           Sita

  Guna           Laghu, Snigdha, Picchila

   Vipãka           Madhura Balya, Brmhana, Vrsya

Karma Vãta-Pitta hara

 Distribution & Habitat.

All over India and Srilanka.

 External use: Paste is analgesic and alleviates oedema. It is locally applied over inflammation and eye disorders.

 Internal use

Central nervous-system : Being neural tonic and vatasharnak, it is useful in vata disorders like paralysis, facial palsy etc

Digestive system : Emollient and astringent. Useful in flatulence.

Circulatory system : Cardiac tonic and alleviates
haemorrhagic disorders, hence used in cardiac debility, haemorrhagic disorders .

Reproductive system Aphrodisiac and useful in spermatorrhoea

Urinary system : Diuretic, so useful in dysuria.

Temperature Useful in fever being a febrifuge

Satmikaran : Being tonic, it is helpful in general debility. tuberculosis and undernourishment.

 Important Yogas or Formations

 Batadi kwath. Baladya ghrita. Baladyarishta, Chandanabalalakshadi taila.

Dosha Alleviates vata, pitta
Dhatu Rakta. mansa, shukra. oja (enhancer).
Main : Purisha (astringent)

Indications— Raktapitta, Vatavyãdhi, Prameha, Ksaya

 Important research work going on

(1) action in nervous system

 (2) In an experimental study on the Rasayana drugs

 Therapeutic Uses—

 (I) Antra vrddhi— Balã ksira is added to Eianda taila and administered orally (C. D.)

 (ii) Galaganda— Balã, Atibalã and Devãdaru are powdered and given through oral rout(S.S.Cil8).

 (iii) Vatavyãdhi— Balã yüsa is the best for Vatarogãs (V.M).

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