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 Botanical Name— Hydnocarpus wightiana Blume


 Names in different language

Hindi-Chalmogara; Bengali- Choulmogara; Kannada- Garudaphal; Marathi- Kadu Kaveet; Malayalam- Kodi; Tamil- Maravattai; Telugu- Adavi badam, Malayalam – Marotti

Synonyms— Katu Kapittha, Kustha Vairi, Alasakapahã

 Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

Caraka – nill
Susruta – Ubhayatobhagahara-
Vagbhata – Ubhayabhãgahara

 Introduction— This drug mainly used for the treatment of skin disorders like Kustha cikitsa. Seed oil is also useful.


 An evergreen deciduous tree, upto 16 m or more in height. Bark rough, brown. Wood whitish, but generally turns brownish-grey due to fungal sap-stain and becomes streaked.

Leaf- oblong, ovate or elliptic, somewhat serrate, 10-16 cm long. Flowers- small, solitary  fascicles, greenish-white.

 Fruit- globose, mammilate, tomentose, 5.1-10.2 cm diameter. Seeds 15-20, striate, subovoid, obtusely angular, 2.0- 2.5 cm. long.

  Distribution & Habitat

Tropical forests of western ghats from Konkan southwards.

 Varieties & adulterants  – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) 

1. Avicennia officinalis – saireyaka

2. Hydnocarpus kurzii

3. Taraktogenos Kurzii

4. Gynocardia odorata  [CV]

  Hydnocarpus anthelminticus

 chemical constituents

Seeds & Seed hulls— Hypnocarpic, chaulmoogric and its homologues, gorlic, oleic and palmitic acids; anigenin, luteolin, chrysocnisol, hydnocarpin, isohydnocarpin and methoxy hydnocarpin.


 Rasa Katu, Tikta

Guna Snigdha, Tiksna

Virya Ushna

Vipãka Katu

 Karma Kapha-vãta atiara, Rasayana, Dipana, Kushtaghna, Krmighna, Grãhi.

 External uses :

 it uses in antipyretic, antiparasitic, cleaning and healing of wounds and curative properties. Effective in tuberculosis, lymphadenopathy, fistula and bone ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, gout in which pain is the chief complaint. Bhasma used for anjana which has curative action ( fruit pulp )

Internal uses :

Nervous system: Analgesic

Digestive system : Useful in ascites and helmithiasis, Emetic, purgative and anthelmintic

Circulatory system :purifies impure blood.

Urinary system Useful in urinary disorders,

Dosba Kapha srota (fluid absorbant).
Dhatu Rakta, meda, ma)ja, snayu.
Mala Mutra. –
Organ Eyes – ointment is useful in various eye disorders.

Indications— Kusta, Prameha, Netra Roga, Kandu, Krimi

 Part Used— Phala Majjä (fruit pulp), Seeds, Bija Taila (seed
Dosage— Oil— about 5ml for sodhana procedures;

seed powder 4 to 5 g.

 Important preparations— Tuvaraka Lepam, Tuvaraka Tailam, Tuvarakãsthi Vataka.

 Research works—

 1. action against leprosy bacilli

2.action in nerve cells

 Therapeutic Uses—

 (1) skin diseases— bark paste

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